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Anguib Beach - Cagayan

Located in the northeastern part of Brgy. San Vicente in Santa Ana in the province of Cagayan, Anguib Beach has a long stretch of fine white to creamy sand kissed by pristine blue waters.
Anguib Beach Details:Anguib Beach is one of the hidden gems of North Luzon. It is probably the northeasternmost beach on the island of Luzon. In fact, my group had to brave ferocious waves in order for us to reach the beach. However, there is a much safer route for those who easily get seasick. You can rent a tricycle or drive directly from Sta. Ana to Anguib Beach. The main difference is the travel time. If you take the boat you'll probably have an hour of travel time compared to the more than an hour's worth of travel time by land.

Upon reaching the beach you can choose between the P100 or P30 beach area. The P100 part of the beach has a panoramic view and is basically a beach lover's paradise. The P30 part, however, has a shallow, rocky, and sometimes foamy beach. The good part about the…

Cagayan: Lal-lo Church

Located in the town of Lal-lo in the province of Cagayan, Lal-lo Church is the last of the three old churches built in the town during the Spanish colonial era.
Also known as Santo Domingo Church, Lal-lo Church was built in the early 1600s after Pope Clement VIII created the Diocese of Nueva Segovia in 1595. However, due to the constant threat of the rampaging waters of Cagayan River, the Diocese of Nueva Segovia was transfered to Vigan, Ilocos Sur. To avoid confusion the town's name was reverted back to Lal-lo.

The transfer of the diocese affected the town heavily. It resulted to the merging of the three churches into a single parish. The two other churches were abandoned and eventually destroyed due to neglect. The remaining church is now the present day Lal-lo Church.

It was by accident that I got to visit this historical church. My group and I were heading to Sta. Ana for our trip to Palaui Isalnd. however, due to the unavoidable circumstances, we had to call it a day in a hotel …

Dos Hermanos Islands - Cagayan

Situated almost a kilometer away from the northern coast of Palaui Island in the province of Cagayan, Dos Hermanos Islands is a collective name that refers to the two islands which often serve as a backdrop of the seascape pictures taken from Cape Engaño Lighthouse.
Dos Hermanos Islands DetailsFor the locals, the word "dos hermanos" means two people. However, the locals have separate names for each of these islands. They are referred to asHermano, which means man* and Hermana which means woman*. On the side note, there is also a Dos Hermanos Islands in Pagudpod in the province of Ilocos Norte. However, I informed my guide that the Spanish meaning of hermano is brother, while hermana is a sister. He said that the local meaning dates back before he was born and it was probably an effect of what is dubbed as the "localization" of foreign words. Much like the English word salvage which means to save, in the Philippines salvage means to kill or execute in cold blood. 


Best Tour Guide in Palaui Island

Palaui Island is located in the Northern part of the province of Cagayan near the town of Sta. Ana. It gained its popularity when it was chosen as the venue of the hit reality show Survivor. Since Palaui Island is fairly new to the tourism business, there are only a few write-ups offering tips and contacts for tourists.
Best Tour Guide in Palaui Island... And that was my dilemma. Before I go to unfamiliar territory, I always make sure that I have a contact. It's not because I don't trust my itineraries but because sometimes I need a "local factor" to help me succeed in my planned adventures. In the case of my Palaui Island expedition, I needed a lot of that "local factor" and a boat of course.  

That "local factor" came in the form of Kuya Fernando "Nanding" Cabutin. Honestly, he was not my first choice. I googled and contacted two other guides before him but Kuya Nanding was the only one who responded. It was a month before the trip that …

List of Festivals in the Philippines: June

Do you want to witness and be part of the exciting and colorful cultural activities in the Philippines in this month of June
Then check out the list of popular fiestas or festivals happening this month.

Matagoan Festival
Location: Tabuk, Province of Kalinga
Details: The festival is celebrated every 24th to 26th of June. Its highlight is the street performances of native dances and songs. This festival is a way for the natives of Tabuk to showcase the rich culture of their people. The word matagoan is a combination of two native words. The first one tago means a person or human being, while the other word, matago, means to live.

Hinulawan Festival
Location: Toledo City, Province of Cebu
Details: The festival is celebrated every 12th of June. Its highlights are the different cultural dances portraying the past and the present of Toledo City. This festival is a way for the locals to present the historical past of the people and the city. The word hinulawan is the old name of the city. It came…


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