Cultural Adventure: ASAP 18 Fierce De Mayo

The month of May is known in the Philippines as the month of Festivals. Most Filipinos travel to their provinces to join their town's annual fiestas. However, going against the flow, my wife and I traveled to the biggest city in the National Capital Region -Quezon City, to attend a different kind of fiesta.
ASAP 18 
What kind of fiesta is that? It was the Fierce De Mayo in ASAP 18, Yup! You read that right!

The floor director briefing the audience
Filipina actress Kim Chiu doing a "fierce" dance number
ASAP, which stands for All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party is a musical variety show that aired live in ABS-CBN Channel 2 every Sunday from 12NN to 3PM.

The Sesionistas serenaded the audience
Modern English got the audience hooked up with their song from the 80s
ASAP is the longest running musical variety show in the Philippines. On January 6, 2013, the show was renamed ASAP 18 to commemorate the show's 18th anniversary.

A fierce dance number from Maja Salvador
Going back to our cultural adventure, my wife and I happened to attend their May 5, 2013 show which was named Fierce de Mayo pertaining to the "fierce" dance and song numbers performed that day.
This dance might look bubbly but Cristine Reyes made it fierce

We were lucky to acquire VIP tickets from one of the Executive Producers of the network who happened to be a close friend of my brother-in-law.

Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo's performance was the favorite of many
True to the given name of that day's show, the production numbers were truly fierce. One of the song numbers that stood out was Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo's rendition of Pink's "Just Give Me A Reason". The 80s foreign band Modern English also performed that day and since Aerosmith is coming to Manila this month local stars sang their own renditions of several songs popularized by the band.

Our ASAP18 trip didn't end after the show ended because we were also toured and introduced to the stars that performed in the show that day. That was one of the best experience that me and my wife had so far. I hope I get another ticket someday.*

My wife with actress Maja Salvador
with Sam Milby
with Yeng Constantino
with John Prats
with Kim Chiu

*Note: Due to the once a week schedule of the show and its popularity you need to buy a ticket for a show scheduled 2 years from now. If you're a foreign guest be sure to book a ticket at least 8 months before you arrive.

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