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Kawai Shrine - Kyoto

Located in 59 Shimogamo Izumigawacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Kawai Shrine(河合神社) also called Kawai Jinja is one of the hundreds of shrines found in the old capital of Japan.

Kawai Shrine Details What makes Kawai Shrine unique from the other shrines in Kyoto City is the fact that it "specializes" in the aesthetic needs of its pilgrims. What I mean with that is, pilgrims would visit Kawai Shrine to pray for beauty. Hence its English nameBeauty Shrine

Kamogawa - Kyoto

Located in Kyoto Prefecture in Japan, Kamogawa(鴨川) and its scenic riverbanks in Kyoto City is a popular destination for restaurant seekers and dating couples.

Kamogawa DetailsKamogawa or Kamo Riverwhose kanji compound (鴨川)  means (鴨) wild duck and (川) river stretches for 3 kilometers from its source which are Mount Sajikigatake and the other mountains near it. A theory suggests that the river was actually diverted about a kilometer east from its former course to its present course during the establishment of the Heian Capital  (present-day Kyoto City). It was due to the belief that a river flowing through the capital symbolizes the disunity of the nation.

Throughout history, Kamogawa often threatened the ancient capital with floods during times of heavy rains. Emperor Shirakawa even included Kamogawa's floods when he recited his three unmanageable things which also includes the Sohei (armed monks of Enraku-ji) and the dice. Presently, the riverbanks were reinforced with concrete, an…

Japan Diaries 2: Day 7

Day 7 (May 23)Greetings from Kyoto City, it's already our fourth day here in this awesome city and sadly, it's our last full day here too. 

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), today is going to be rainy and true enough it was. It is nice to note that the weather forecast system here in Japan can really be trusted.

Anyway, despite the weather, we decided to push through with our 4th-Day Kyoto City itinerary. Our first destination for today is the Kyoto Imperial Palace Grounds. To reach it, we rode Kyoto's subway system for the first time. From Kujo Station, which was the nearest to our place, it only took 12 minutes to reach Imadegawa Station which is the nearest station to the palace grounds. As usual, the transportation system was very efficient. My only concern about the said trip was the ticketing system which was in Japanese. We needed to wait for a local passenger so that we could ask for help to purchase our tickets.

As planned, we met up with our friend…


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