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Japan Diaries 2: Day 0

It has been almost half a decade since we last visited Japan. This year, we are blessed to be given another chance to revisit this beautiful country and stay there for 22 days. Join me and my family as we recount the daily accounts of our trips and adventures to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Day 0(May 16, 2018)Finally! Our long-awaited day has come. Our four years of planning and saving up finally bore fruit. It is probably safe to say that we missed the culture, food, and most of all our Japanese family. 

We left Manila aboard Cebu Pacific flight 5J808 bound for Kansai International Airport (KIX) at around 2PM Philippine time. Since our flight was delayed for almost an hour we arrived in KIX at around 7:30PM Japan time. For those who do not know, Japan's time is one hour ahead of Philippine time.

We were picked up at the airport by our Japanese godfather and he immediately drove us to his residence in Tsubasagaoka, Sennan-gun in Osaka Prefecture.

There, we were warmly welcomed by our J…

Stone 8 Resort - Nueva Ecija

Located in the municipality of Gabaldon in Nueva Ecija, Stone 8 Resortis one of the most popular cold spring resorts in the municipality. 
Stone 8 Resort HistoryStone 8 Resort started out several years ago when its owner Nestor Geronimo decided to come back to his hometown and invest his time, money, and energy to help boost his town's tourism. Since then, the resort has been frequented not only by the people of Gabaldon but also even those that come from Metro Manila.

Regarding the name of the resort, Stone 8 Resort got its name from "Kapitan" Nestor who was once a barangay captain of Barangay 88 Zone 8 Caloocan City. As for the "stone" part of its name, it came from... well, the place is very "stony". Meaning, there are plenty of rocks in the place.

Top 10 Things to Do in Vigan City

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vigan City is one of the most visited places in Ilocos Sur. The city is known for its historical attractions which are visited by thousands of tourists every year. 

If you're planning to visit Vigan City for the first time, here's something that might help you on your adventure: 
Top 10 Things to Do in Vigan City 1. Buy souvenirs at Calle Crisologo.

2. Head to Pinagburnayan and watch how a burnay is made.

3. Visit the Jose Burgos Museum

4. Eat at Hidden Garden

5. Check out the animals and the life-size dinosaur statues at Baluarte.
6. Eat empanada at Vigan Empanadahan

7. Walk around Calle Crisologo at night

8. Visit during Christmas and watch the city light up at night.

9. Visit and attend a mass at Vigan Catedral.

10. Walk at the cobblestone street of Calle Crisologo during the day.

How about you? What are your top 10 things to do in Vigan City?

First Timer's Guide to Philippine International Driving Permit

Although I highly promote backpacking and using public transportation when visiting other countries, I also encourage car or motorcycle rentals on some occasions. 

Renting a vehicle abroad has its pros and cons alright (I will discuss these on a separate article) but this article would focus mainly on how we Filipinos could get the PhilippineInternational Driving Permit (PIDP) so that we could make use of our driving skills abroad. 
Here are the things that you should know about thePhilippine International Driving Permit:> What are the requirements needed for the application?
Philippine Driver's License (original and photocopy)Two pieces 2"x2" color ID picture white backgroundIn case of non-appearance, a letter of authorization and any valid ID of representativeP3,500 processing fee > What countries honors the permit?
The Philippine International Driving Permit is honored in almost all countries that are signatories to the 1949 and 1968 United Nations Convention on Roa…


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