Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 34

Weekend 34: June 25-26, 2022 Day 236: June 25, 2022 Saturday - Asahikawa x Biei It's a beautiful morning here in Rumoi City. However, we won't spend our weekends here. Instead, we'll be going to Asahikawa City . It's all because Engan bus offered a " Bus Free Day ". Engan Bus - Bus Free Day Off to Asahikawa City . Thank you Engan Bus for the free ride.  We left Rumoi City on the first bus to Asahikawa City and luckily, we still got seats when we boarded at the Motokawacho bus stop which was one of the last bus stops in Rumoi. Asahikawa Station going to Hotel Amanek We dropped off our baggage at Hotel Amanek Buying food at 711 won't be complete without buying its coffee Upon arriving at the bus stop at Asahikawa JR Station , we immediately went to Hotel Amanek to drop off our baggage since check-in was still at 3PM. Before heading back to the station, we bought some snacks at 711 in front of our hotel. We rode the  Furano-Biei Norokko Train going to Bie

Taishi Festival Rumoi 2022: Cultural Adventure

Taishi Festival Rumoi 2022 Formally referred to as the Rumoi Shotoku Taishi Festival , the Rumoi Taishi Festival is one of the many similarly named festivals celebrated across Japan in honor of Shotoku Taishi also called Prince Shotoku . He is known for his role in spreading Buddhism and also in drawing up a new constitution called  Jushichijo-Kenpo .  Taishi Festival Rumoi details Celebrated in the last week of June, Rumoi Taishi Festival is popular for the dozens of yatai stalls that are set up on the uphill Jinjashita dori  in Nishikimachi, Rumoi City. This event gives the food street vibes that you would rarely see in Rumoi City. Rumoi Taishi Festival starts at the Hokokuji Temple Food in Rumoi Taishi Festival 2022 Grilled squid Kawaii Lollipops Juice and shakes Choco coated fruits Barbecue  Baby Castella cakes Okonomiyaki Speaking of yatai stalls, there are a plethora of food stalls during the Rumoi Taishi Festival that sells different kinds of food from traditional Japanese

Japan Diaries 4: Week 34

Week 34: June 20 - 24, 2022 Day 231: June 20, 2022 Monday - Rumoi Rumoi High School 6/20/2022 It's the start of another week here in Japan . Like all Mondays, I'm reporting back to Rumoi High School . After the morning announcements in the faculty room, I was briefed by my JTE that starting today until next week, we will use the shortened schedule due to the ongoing club activities and competitions and also in preparation for the upcoming School Festival. Here's my workload for today: Ideal English Class @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei Sharing Grammar Points @ 3-11 of Matsuda-sensei 1st period - Ideal English Class @ 3-46 of Matsuda-sensei 3rd period - Ideal English Class @ 3-35 of Matsuda-sensei 5th period - Sharing Grammar Points @ 3-11 of Matsuda-sensei I received a gift from a member of the broadcaster club who I trained and won a competition We had the English Club after the 6th period. We talked about the upcoming school festival and also updated on what our club will do du

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