Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 6

Weekend 6: December 11-12, 2021 Day 40: December 11, 2021 Saturday - Walking around Rumoi City While driving back home last night, The Rumoi Friends - Guy, Kiaya, and I (Yup, that's what we call ourselves) planned to go on a road trip to Asahikawa today.  However, Guy sent a message via LINE early today to cancel the plan because he was not feeling well. Probably because he exerted too much effort during the Discflect game yesterday.  Walking around Rumoi City Since I didn't have master's classes today, I just did my laundry and rested. After lunch, I walked around Rumoi City to see areas that I have not been to yet. I didn't have any particular destination in mind to visit though but here are the places that I saw along the way: The D613 type steam locomotive of Miharashi Park is now covered with a tarp to protect it from the upcoming winter Golden Beach Rumoi  as seen from the Ororon Road area Golden Beach Rumoi up close Rumoi Shrine Rumoi Catholic Church That af

Moekko Free Ticket 13th Season

A Guide to Moekko Free Ticket As a prefectural ALT, I'm employed by Hokkaido Prefecture. This means that I go around the region assigned to me which is - Rumoi Subprefecture . These are the schools that I visit: Mother School Rumoi High School - Rumoi City It's just 5 minutes away from my house = No bus ride needed Visit Schools 1. Obira Special Needs School - Obira Town Bus ride needed = Travel time: 50 minutes / fare: 680 yen 2. Tomamae Commercial High School - Tomamae Town Bus ride needed = Travel Time: 1 hr and 15 minutes / fare: 1180 yen 3. Haboro High School - Haboro Town Bus ride needed = Travel Time: 1 hr and 20 minutes / fare: 1260 yen 4. Embetsu Agricultural High School - Embetsu Town Bus ride needed = Travel Time: 2 hrs and 30 minutes / fare: 2100 yen 5. Teshio High School - Teshio Town Bus ride needed = Travel Time: 3 hrs and 2 minutes / fare: 2510 yen I usually go to my visit schools every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. With this setup, if I visit my three f

Japan Diaries 4: Week 6

Week 6: December 6-10, 2021  Week 6: December 6-10, 2021 Hey guys! I have been an ALT here in Rumoi High School for 6 weeks already. Last week, I already got an idea of what my responsibilities are for my visit schools after visiting Haboro High School last Friday. For this week, I am scheduled to visit the high schools in the towns of Embetsu, Teshio, and Tomamae. Day 35: December 6, 2021  Monday - Rumoi It's another week. What made this week special was the fact that Soeda-sensei is back. For today after being rushed to the hospital last Monday after he slipped on ice. For today's work, I have team teaching schedules with Sato-sensei and Motoyama-sensei. I submitted my intent to be reappointed for the next school year šŸ˜ Here's my workload for today: 2nd period - Part 2 of the Q & A activity @ 1-5 of Sato-sensei 6th period - Iwo Jima Lesson @ 2-34 of Motoyama-sensei English Club - Watched the Grinch During today's lunch, Motoyama-sensei drove me to Engan Bus Sal

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