Sagada Orange Picking - Mt. Province

Located in Staunton Road in the town of Sagada in Mt. Province, Rock Farm Inn and Cafe  / Rock Inn and Cafe is an inn that is highly visited by tourists because of its orange picking activity. Sagada Orange Picking Sagada Orange Picking Details It is a fact that there are more people Googling " Orange Picking in  Sagada " than  Rock Farm Inn and Cafe . It is not something that the owners should be concerned with but something that they should be proud of. Why? Sagada Orange Picking - Rock Farm Inn and Cafe The naturistic Rock Farm Inn and Cafe Enjoy picking your own oranges! That's right... Focus, my dear wife! Rock Inn and Cafe are actually located in a part of Sagada that is quite isolated. As a matter of fact, the roads to the inn are unpaved and lack proper lighting. Therefore, the popularity of the orange picking activity brings customers to their doorsteps. Oranges mania! The Annoying Orange would surely hate this Before I further tack

Published: Sands of Pasacao

The Backpack Adventures got one of its adventures published again! TravelPlus Magazine - Vol. 8. No. 4 The April issue (Vol.8. No. 4) of TravelPlus Magazine features one of the least visited places in Camarines Sur.  My face got lined up with the greats... again! Yey, our family photo was featured in a magazine! Here are some of my published photos of Pasacao Beach Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Pasacao ! A few of you probably heard of this place but did you know that this place is dubbed as the Summer Capital of Camarines Sur (CamSur)?  Hey there handsome (LoL) I was also featured in the Team Travelers section of the magazine. Please do avail of Vol. 9 No.4 of TravelPlus Magazine and learn more about this beautiful place and hopefully, you could also visit it this coming summer! Cheers!

Lucban Church - Quezon

Located in the town of Lucban in the province of Quezon, Lucban Church is one of the Spanish colonial churches in the Philippines. Lucban Church Lucban Church history Lucban Church is also known as San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish Church of Saint Louis of Toulouse Parish Church . It was built in 1595 under the term of Father Miguel de Talavera.  Lucban Church - Lucban, Quezon Like most, if not all, of the early churches it was also built using only light materials like wood and nipa. Due to these materials, Father Time, and Mother Nature this "first church" structure fell apart and was destroyed in 1629. The beautifully stained glass panel in the facade Lucban Church facade Lucban Church bell tower A second church was immediately built of a different location (which is its present-day location). This time, stone and nipa were used to build it. It took almost a decade (from 1630 -1640) for it to be finished. A convent was also built and was finished in

Orani Church - Bataan

Located in the town of Orani in the province of Bataan, Orani Church is a Roman Catholic Church built during the Spanish Colonial period in the Philippines. Orani Church Orani Church history Also known as  Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Church   and  Nuestra Senora del Rosario Parish Church , Orani Church was said to be built sometime in the 1600s. The first structure was constructed using nipa leaves and bamboo. It is probably comparable to an open-sided tent than the church structures we have now.    Orani Church - Orani, Bataan Orani Church facade and the Museo ng Mahal na Birhen Maria Orani Church entrance arch Check out the very detailed church door design The first church was under the Parish of Samal until formally becoming an independent parish on April 21, 1714. It was then reconstructed using adobe and stone as well as a sturdier roofing material. However, like everything else, the church deteriorated through time. Decades after its reconstruction, t


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