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First Timer's Guide to Philippine Passport Application

Finally, you have decided to see the world... However, before booking for a flight or applying for a visa, keep in mind that you need to have that one document that would allow you to travel abroad.

Readers meet the Philippine passport...

The Philippine (PH) Passportis an important travel document that certifies one of his identity and nationality. It is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA. There are three types of PH Passports which are often referred to by their colors, the red (official), blue (diplomatic), and the maroon (regular). 

Thered (official) is issued to members of the Philippine government for use on official business. the blue (diplomatic) is issued to members of the Philippine diplomatic service, while the maroon (regular) is the one issued to any Filipino citizen applying for a PH passport. Now, here's a guide for first-time applicants, so that they could get their own little maroon booklet.

First-time applicants should follow these easy steps in order …

10 Tips for Foreign Tourists in the Philippines

The Philippines is a very beautiful country. Some foreign tourists even describe it as paradise. Its people are equally beautiful. They are considered the world's most hospitable people. However, I would like to avoid generalizing. Let's also keep in mind that the Philippines is no heaven and its people are no angels. 
Like any country, the Philippines is no stranger to crime and pollution. The Filipinos, like everyone else, have their own Mr. Hyde. 
Now, as a friend and concerned citizen, I'm creating my 10 Tips for Foreign Tourists in the Philippines to help you have a wonderful time in paradise. Read on...
The Legal Adventure. Always bring the proper and legal documents when visiting the country. Just keep in mind that every country requires you to have one. Take note that when you're inside the country, it's better to have an ID with you at all times... In case of emergencies. (You know what I mean.)You're No Hero. Stay away from dark alleyways, depressed area…

Japan's 4G Sim Card VS 4G Pocket WiFi

In this age of social media and hyper inter-connectivity, a trip abroad without an internet connection gives many the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Such is the case for many travelers in Japan. Being different in climate, culture, and basically, almost all aspects of life, most first-time visitors tend to be shocked that real life doesn't have subtitles (you know what I mean). 

Although there are plenty of free WiFi spots in Japan like free public WiFis in major cities, airports, train stations, bus stops, seaports, hotels, cafes, and even Mcdonald's, there are still plenty of "dead spots" in the country, particularly the countryside and the mountainous regions of Japan. No internet connection does not only mean being cut off from social media life, but it is also an issue if you are unfamiliar with the country as the internet today is also needed for navigation and communication. 

Well, if you're one of those travelers and you don't want to rely on Free…

10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay

Planning to go souvenir shopping in Albay? Then this article might help you choose what to buy for your loved ones back home. Take note though that prices written here might vary depending on where you choose to shop. In my case, many of the products here were from the souvenir shops near the Cagsawa Ruins. 

Anyway, here's my list of 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay.

1. Keychains.(10-50 pesos each/ sometimes offered in bundles)
Keychains are one of the most common and cheapest souvenirs to buy in Albay, keychains are the go-to pasalubong/souvenir of those with plenty of families and friends. You may choose from the numerous sili (chili) and Mayon Volcano themed keychains.

2. Refrigerator Magnets.(50-100 pesos each/ sometimes offered in bundles)
This is also one of the most common and cheapest souvenirs to buy in Albay. Prices of the ref magnets vary depending on size and quality. Expect a lot of Mayon Volcano and sili themed ref magnets too. 

3. Souvenir Shirts.(P100-200) 
Who wouldn't w…

NAVI 2020 Travel Journal - My New Travel Buddy

With 2019 coming into a close, it's now time to organize and plan your 2020. What better way to do it is through the NAVI 2020 Travel Journal by Viviamo! Inc.

True to their name, Viviamo! (We Live! in Italian) Inc. came up with products that aim to help their valued customers manage and organize their time and also improve their productivity so that they could live life awesomely. 

The NAVI 2020 Travel Journal is one such product. The people behind this product went all out on quality and content so that the users could really maximize each page and also be inspired to travel and explore the world this 2020. In my opinion, there is literally no dull page in this travel journal. 

Speaking of quality and content, the NAVI 2020 Travel Journal has an elegant intricately-designed matte leather cover engraved with a world map and a golden compass. It has a 176 full-color Smyth-sewn pages and an expandable back pocket. 

It's content includes:
Motivational pages like the "How to navig…

Top 10 Things To Do in Takayama City

Takayama City is currently the largest municipality in Japan in terms of land area. Located in the mountainous northern part of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama City has its fair share of unique culture and tradition worth seeing and experiencing. 

For those who are planning to visit Takayama City, here's something that might help you make your visit a memorable one - the Top 10 Things To Do in Takayama City.
1. Take a stroll at Sanmachi Suji District (Takayama Old Town)
The Sanmachi Suji District is a historic district in Takayama City. It has numerous well preserved Edo Period houses that presently serve as museums, stores, and restaurants.

2. Witness the Takayama Festival
Held every April 14 and 15 and October 9 and 10, Takayama Festival is regarded as one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan. The highlight of this festival is the parade of floats called yatai

3. Visit the Takayama Matsuri Kaikan
So you missed both the Spring and Autumn Festivals of Takayama? Fret not, you can st…

Exploring Japan with Klook

After availing of some of their services during our recent 22-day adventure in Japan. I saw how helpful Klook was for travelers like me so when I discovered Klook's affiliate program, I took the opportunity to partner with them. I'd like to share with you some of the most useful services offered by Klook that would surely help you make your trip to Japan fun and hassle-free. So read along and discover what these services are.

Here are some of my highly recommended (and tested) services from Klook, just click on the image and avail of the services that you want:

1. JR Rail Pass For those who want to explore as many places in Japan as they could, my top recommendation is the JR Rail Pass. This pass gives you unlimited ride to almost all the JR railways and buses all over Japan. Choose between the 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day Rail Pass that suits your itinerary.
2. JR Area Pass For those who want to extensively explore a particular region, The JR Area Pass is …

Top 10 Things to Do in Tagaytay City

Only a two-hour drive away from Manila, Tagaytay City's cold weather, and numerous restaurants make it a top choice for those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life in the Metro.

For those planning for a weekend getaway, here are my Top 10 Things to Do in Tagaytay City:


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