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Japan Diaries 4: Summary

Please join us on our ongoing fourth adventure in  Japan . To summarize our adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun, here's the list (complete with links*) of the articles about our day to day life and also the places and events that we have visited and experienced : * Please click the links to read the articles. Road to JET Programme Intro Timeline 2021 Japan Diaries 4: Intro Japan Diaries 4: Quarantine Week 1 Japan Diaries 4: Quarantine Week 2 Japan Diaries 4: Off to Rumoi City Tips Others Tokyo Prefecture Shinjuku City Keio Plaza Hotel Mie Prefecture Shima City Oedo Onsen Monogatari Ise Shima Hamajima Seaside Park Toba City Toba Aquarium Ise City Ise Jingu Naiku Ise Jingu Geku Okage Yokocho   Hokkaido Hokkaido Prefecture Rumoi City Hato no Hito Ogonmisaki Seaside Park Rumoi River Rumoi Golden Beach Rumoi Shrine

Philippine Holidays 2022

Update! It's 2022! Are you planning to explore the Philippines this year?  Check out this list of Philippine holidays for the year 2022 so that you could book your flights early.  Philippine Holidays 2022 Date   Name Type 1 Jan Saturday New Year's Day Regular Holiday   23 Jan Sunday First Philippine Republic Day Special Working Public Holiday   1 Feb Tuesday Chinese Lunar New Year's Day Special Non-working Holiday   25 Feb Friday People Power Anniversary Special Non-working Holiday   1 Mar Tuesday Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj Common local holiday   20 Mar Sunday March Equinox Season   9 Apr Saturday The Day of Valor Regular Holiday   14 Apr Thursday Maundy Thursday Regular Holiday   15 Apr Friday Good Friday Regular Holiday   16 Apr Saturday Black Saturday Special Non-working Holiday   17 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance   1 May Sunday Labor Day Regular Holiday   3 May Tuesday Eidul-Fitar Regular Holiday   12 Jun Sunday Independence Day Regular Holiday   21 Jun Tue

Road to JET 2021: Intro

Road to JET 2021 What is the JET Programme? JET Programme stands for Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme . It is a Japanese government initiative that aims to promote mutual understanding between the people of Japan and other nations. The program also aims to promote grassroots international exchange between Japan and other nations.  JET Programme started in 1987 and was exclusive mostly to native English-speaking countries. The program eventually expanded to become one of the largest exchange programs in the world having already invited thousands of educators, coaches, and coordinators for international relations. The JET Programme was opened to the Filipinos in 2014. Since then, the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines already sent around 200+ JET participants to Japan.  Do you want to know more about the JET Programme? Read more by clicking this LINK .  Road to JET 2021: Intro After my first visit to Japan way back in 2014 , I have dreamt of coming back to stay longer and hopef

Tagaytay City Day Tour Itinerary

Planning to visit Tagaytay City soon? I have come up with a series of budget day tour itineraries that is aimed to maximize your visit to a specific place in the Philippines without having to break your bank. For today's itinerary, I'm featuring a Tagaytay by car itinerary.  Tagaytay City Day Tour Itinerary Disclaimer: 1. Transportation from your accommodation going to Intramuros is not included in this itinerary. 2. The accommodation budget is also not included. 3. The itineraries start at 8AM as most destinations open at 9AM. 4.  The exploration time in a place is pegged at an hour per destination. However, you may opt to cut it shorter or stay longer.  5.  It is also assumed that you are traveling light. Tagaytay City Day Tour Itinerary Tagaytay City By Car Course 8AM   Arrival at Tagaytay City .   8:15AM   Drive to Starbucks at Tagaytay-Calamba Road. Purchase coffee and something to eat for breakfast.  

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