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Japan Diaries 4: Day 223

Day 223:  June 12, 2022 Sunday -  Senbodai and Golden Beach It's another Sunday with the family. Unlike yesterday, which was somewhat cloudy, today was completely sunny. As a result, we set out to explore another part of Rumoi City.  Look at these beautiful flowers blooming on the sidewalk Ikkyuan We tried the Soft cream and shu cream of Ikkyuan We went along Route 231 to Senbodai after breakfast. Along the way, we stopped at Ikkyuan , a pastry store at 1-Chome-38 Suminoecho. We purchased the Gold Kiwi Soft Cream as well as some cream puffs. 2 thumbs up! Memorial Monument of "The Sisters" From there, we walked towards Okimicho and passed by the  Memorial Monument of "The Sisters"  on the boundary of Okimicho and Miharashicho.  Jump-off point of Senbodai Half-way up Senbodai HeartLand💗Cafe Team Nicerio visits HeartLand Cafe Senbodai ( 千望台 ) was a 30- to 40-minute walk away. The pathway was practically covered in snow the last time I was there, and the one cafe

Japan Diaries 4: Day 215

  Day 215:  June 4, 2022 Saturday -  Reuke Farm and Golden Beach It's a weekend once again. It's also a sunny warm Saturday morning. What better way to spend it than walking around Rumoi City. To make this day memorable, my family and I decided to go somewhere I haven't been to yet. Hence, we'd be going to  Reuke Farm .  Another early morning stroll in Rumoi City We saw a fox near Miharashi Park Miharashi Park Visited Miharashi Park in the summer On the way to Reuke Farm, we passed by Miharashi Park . We didn't miss the chance to spend time in its playground. Ella seems to have enjoyed her time in the park.  Rumoi Shrine We made a brief visit to Rumoi Shrine ... ... then  Hokokuji We then proceeded on our way, stopping briefly at Rumoi Shrine . Before we went to the adjacent Hokokuji , I said a quick prayer and wished for something very personal.  Coffee at 711 Okimichio Check out that view from Route 231 From there, w e continued on to 711 Okimichio  on Route 231

Japan Diaries 4: Day 209

  Day 209 -  May 29, 2022 Sunday -  Family Day Sunday Thank God for the beautiful weather today. 😄😄😄 After breakfast, we didn't waste time as we head out to explore Rumoi City once again.  It's a beautiful day here in Rumoi. Time to revisit Rumoi River We crossed the Boulevard Bridge to Igarashicho For our first stop, we revisited the walking path along the  Rumoi River . We walked from Shinonomecho to Horikawacho before crossing the Boulevard Bridge to Igarashicho.  We saw this unique art outside one house Of course, we had to take photos of the art display. Takasago Park Bonding time for me and Ella The pink wisteria plant in Takasago Park was in full bloom The wisteria plants were not only beautiful it also provided us some shade From there, our next stop was  Takasago Park  in Takasagocho. We spent almost three hours there as Ella met friends and enjoyed her time there. Since nothing is more important than my daughter's happiness, we took our time at Takasago Park

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