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Japan Diaries 4: Day 71

Day 71: January 11, 2022 Tuesday - Mie Road Trip Day 1 Good morning everyone, it's a rainy day but that won't stop us from our planned 2-day road trip to Mie Prefecture. For today's trip, we will be heading to Shima City in Mie Prefecture .  We left Kameyama Residence in Osaka Prefecture at around 9AM. The estimated travel time to our hotel in Shima City  is around 3 hours and 30 minutes.  For today's trip, our first stop was at the house of Mr. Toshi's daughter Ms. Akiko in Suita City, Osaka Pr efecture. We dropped off the family dog, Yomogi there.  Ano Service Area Ano service area stamp Cremia soft creme break with my Japanese family From Suita City, we continued on to Ise Expressway. Since it was a long drive, we decided to have a toilet break stop at Ano Service Area . Of course, I made sure to get the service area stamp for my travel diary. Also, as a way to thank my Japanese family for this trip, I bought them Cremia Soft Cream Ice Cream.  Shin - Meishin Exp

Japan Diaries 4: Day 70

Day 70: January 10, 202 2 Monday - A Trip to Wakayama Good morning everyone! Today, Mr. Toshi had a lunch reservation at Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana in Iwade City, Wakayama. Mr. Toshi's other daughter, Akiko, her son, and her friend Kumi-san joined us for this trip.  However, before we headed out, Mr. Toshi and Ms. Taeko brought the family dog Yomo to the vet as he was limping after our stroll in Rinku Park two days ago.  My breakfast for today While waiting for them to return, Akiko and company arrived sometime around 10AM. Kumi-san and I got to chat about various topics as she can speak English fluently. Mr. Toshi and Ms. Taeko returned a little before 11AM. We found out that it was Yomo's weight that was the leading cause of the issue. I'm thankful it wasn't something grave.  I rode with Akiko-san and Kumi-san going to Iwade City. Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana We left the Kamiyama residence in a two-car convoy bound for Iwade City. I rode with Akiko and

Japan Diaries 4: Week 11

Week 11: January 10-14, 2022 Winter Vacation Week 3 Since this week is jam-packed with travel, most of the days here have their own special article. Please click on the links to read more about each article.  Day 70: January 10, 2022 Monday - A Trip to Wakayama Hey guys! Today, my Japanese family and I are heading to Wakayama Prefecture. Mr. Toshi's daughter Akiko and her friend Ms. Kumi will be joining us on this trip.  Wakayama City Manhole Cover We visited the following places in Wakayama: Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana  at Iwade City Marina City  - Wakayama City Kominka Cafe Restaurant Hatsuhana with Mr. Toshi and family Wakayama Marina City - Porto Europa  AEON Mall Wakayama - Wakayama City Before going home, we drove to AEON Mall Wakayama to buy some groceries and omiyage. From there, we drove back to Tsubasagaoka in Sennan City, Osaka but before we did, we bid farewell to Ms. Akiko and her friend as they drive back to Suita City. You can read more about this trip 👉 <


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