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Laguna Road Trip 2021

Laguna Road Trip 2021:  June 8, 2021   Laguna Road Trip 2021 It's time to hit the road once again. This time, Team Nicerio heads to the scenic province of Laguna on an unplanned road trip. Yup, you read that right, this is one of those rare times when we woke up early and just decided to drive without a definite destination in mind. Regardless, my wife and I both agreed that we'd drive south and see where the road takes us. Hence, after quickly preparing and packing breakfast for the road, we left home and drove towards South Luzon Express Way (SLEX) .  Alligator Lake is formally called Tadlac Lake We exited via Exit 50 / Turbina - Calamba Exit and continued on to the scenic Bucal Bypass which would lead us to Los Banos, Laguna . Halfway through we all decided to look for a place to stop by so that we could eat our breakfast.  Met a man fishing in Alligator Lake Ella visits Alligator Lake I remembered seeing a small lake in Barangay Tadlac in Los Banos in Google Maps when

Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 2

Day 2: September 11   Singapore x Google 2019: DAY 2 " Hazeful morning " that's the greeting that I came up with to describe and welcome you to my 2nd day in Singapore. I woke up with a sore throat today which is probably a side effect of inhaling so much haze during my night walking tour last night.  Complimentary breakfast at Ibis Singapore in Bencoolen Just to share, Singapore has been enveloped by a haze that came from the burning forests of Indonesia. According to the news, the haze measures 86-96 PSI on the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI). This is way above the "Good" level which is 0-50 PSI.  Anyway, I still woke up early and ate breakfast at Taste (restaurant) with my QSR family. After breakfast, we booked a Grab car going to Google Singapore in Maple Business City.  Morning activities in Google Singapore For today's round of talks, I learned a lot about the Best Practices of Googlers Across 6 Channels ,   Full Design Challenge , and the Des

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