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Japan Diaries 4: Day 167

  Day 167:  April 17, 2022 Sunday -  Team Nicerio Explores Sapporo We woke up at around 8AM for the buffet breakfast at Aspen which is the in-house buffet restaurant of  Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen . Enjoying our breakfast at Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen Who wouldn't enjoy their stay at  Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen My wife sure did love the meal The food was superb. I probably ate a kilo of sushi and maguro for breakfast. It was perfect to fuel us on our walking trip around Sapporo before we head back to Rumoi City in the afternoon.  Until next time, Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen We went to Sapporo JR Station to keep our baggage in one of the lockers Time to explore Sapporo City We checked out of Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen at around 11AM and then immediately went to Sapporo JR Station where we left our luggage inside the rental lockers so that we can explore Sapporo City hands-free.  Team Nicerio visits Akarenga Our next stop is  Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza We then visited the Sappor

Japan Diaries 4: Day 166

Day 166:  April 16, 2022 Saturday -  Reuniting with my Family in Sapporo Finally! After 6 months apart, I will finally be reunited with my family. I'll meet them at New Chitose Airport today. We'd also spend the weekend in Sapporo City before returning to Rumoi City. Here comes the Engan bus bound for Sapporo Surprise, surprise! Abi, the Obira ALT, is also on the bus going to Sapporo. Arrived at Sapporo JR Station I took the 8:30 a.m. Engan Bus from Motokawacho bus stop to Sapporo JR Station bus terminal in Sapporo City. Since my wife and daughter were scheduled to arrive around 5 p.m. and I had more than 5 hours to kill, I used the chance to visit Sapporo JR Station and other local tourist attractions. First stop: Sapporo's Akarenga My first stop was  Hokkaido Government Office / Akarenga  but it was closed and seemed like it was undergoing maintenance work.  Sapporo Manhole Cover Next stop: Sapporo Clock Tower Inside Sapporo Clock Tower I then headed to the  Sapporo C

Japan Diaries 4: Day 160

Day 160: April 10, 2022 Sunday - Biking Trip to Mashike It's a beautiful morning today. As planned, Joshua, Kiaya, and I will be heading out today to bike to the town of Mashike which is south of Rumoi City.  We grabbed some snacks and drinks at the  Seicomart Rumoi Okimicho Off to Mashike via Route 231 We met up at Kiaya's place at around 10AM to help with the adjustments on her bike. From there, we biked to the nearby Seicomart to grab some snacks for the road. Quick stop along the coast of Hamanakacho, Rumoi City Mashike here we come We hit the road to Mashike at about 10:30AM. The sun was up hence it was not too cold despite the 13-degree weather. I love how the breeze cools up the land while bringing in the smell of the sea. In a way, it made me miss the Philippines.  A beautiful view of Nobosha River Biking is a fun way to meet the local police.  Our group made plenty of stops along the way to rest, rehydrate, and take photos. However, the most memorable stop that we h

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