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Hiking Mt. Batolusong

Hey guys, it's time to go on another hiking adventure. This time we're heading to Tanay, Rizal to conquer Mt. Batolusong . Just a recap, the last mountain that we hiked in Rizal were Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba  in 2019.   Hiking Mt. Batolusong Mt. Batolusong Details Mt. Batolusong is the collective name of the three peaks that hikers need to conquer namely Duhatan Ridge (458 MASL), Mapatag Plateau (663 MASL), and Rangyas Peak (883 MASL). Mt. Batolusong - Tanay, Rizal Mt. Batolusong got its name from the large bato , which means rock in English, that once was visibly seen near the base of Mapatag Plateau and Rangyas Peak. The said rock was shaped like a large mortar used by the locals to unhusk rice which is locally referred to as lusong . Sadly, this rock is now covered with vegetation and is now impossible to see. Early morning drive to Tanay, Rizal Mt. Batolusong Registration Area Mt. Batolusong Registration and Parking Area Tour Guide reminders Groupie with the famil

Mt. Manabu Revisited 2021

I first hiked Mt. Manabu with my cousins last 2019 . For those unfamiliar with Mt. Manabu , it's a mountain located in Sto. Tomas Batangas. Once known as Pagligawan or a place to get lost, the name Manabu came from the abbreviated word MAtaas NA BUndok which means "tall mountain". The mountain stands 760 meters tall and can easily be hiked in a day. Mt. Manabu Mt. Manabu Details: Height: 760 MASL Jump-off point : Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Santo Tomas, Batangas Mt. Manabu is a perfect hiking destination for beginners and for those who are "complexion conscious" as the mountain's dense foliage offers shade throughout much of the hike. Aside from that, the ascent is gradual with several "stations" where hikers can rest, eat, and even drink the most expensive coffee in the market -civet coffee. Mt. Manabu jump-off point and parking area. Station 1 Water Tank Station 2 - Dampa Passed through the Sayote Farm near Station 2 So this is how one grows a sayot


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