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Senbodai at Night 2022

Senbodai at Night 2022 My first visit to Senbodai was on February 11, 2022 , my 15th Week in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in the JET Program . My first visit was unforgettable since it was in the midst of winter and there was a lot of snow. I returned to Senbodai on June 12, 2022 , which was my 32nd Weekend here. I was with my wife and daughter this time. When we went, it was a gorgeous clear sunny day. Senbodai details ( Night ) Senbodai ( 千望台 ), also known as Senboudai , is a hill in Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture. It is well-known for its panoramic view. It rises 180 meters above sea level and is surrounded by undulating hills. On a clear day, tourists may see the northern islands of Teuri and Yagishiri. Apart from that, Senbodai boasts a stunning sunset vista.  During my first visit, the snow that blanketed the city below was a sight to behold. However, the lone establishment, a wooden log cafe called Heartland Cafe , was closed and there was nothing to do o

Senbodai Revisited 2022

The first time I visited Senbodai / Senboudai   was last February 11, 2022 , which was my 102nd day in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) under the JET Programme . My first visit was memorable as it was during the middle of winter when there were heavy snowfalls. That's why the snow in some parts of Senbodai was as deep as my waist. You can read more about that trip 👉 HERE 👈. Senbodai  ( 千望台 ) Senbodai details  ( Summer ) For those who would like to know more about Senbodai  ( 千望台 ) , please read on and discover more about the highest peak of Rumoi City. Senbodai - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture Senbodai , also known as Senboudai , is a hill in Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture. It's famous for its wide views during the day and at night. The hill stands at 180 meters above the sea and is surrounded by gently rolling hills, creating a peaceful contrast to city life. On clear days, you can see Teuri and Yagishiri Islands to the north. Additionally, Senbodai offer

Senboudai - Hokkaido

Located in Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Senboudai  / Senbodai ( 千望台 ) is a prominent hill overlooking the city. Senboudai ( Winter ) Senboudai details Winter Standing at 180 meters above sea level, Senboudai is actually a part of a set of rolling hills in the southern part of Rumoi City. It is one of the best places to view Rumoi City. The road at 6 Chome leading to Senbodai Check out how deep the snow is going up to Senbodai during winter  Aside from the panoramic view of the city, visitors can also see the islands of Teuri and Yagishiri in the north and Mt. Shokanbetsu in the south.  Heartland Cafe was covered with snow when I visited Senbodai  can be visited any time of the day and also in any season but the snow during winter presents a minor challenge to those who plan to visit. Aside from that, there are also some sightings of bears in the area so be extra careful and vigilant when visiting. Can you spot the founder of Rumoi? Igarashi Okutaro On the hill, visitors wil

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