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Japan Diaries 4: Week 1

Week 1: November 2 - 5, 2021 1st week as an ALT in Rumoi High School Hey guys! I'm sharing with you how my first week in Rumoi City went. Read on and find out about my life as a new Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) here at Rumoi High School , Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture.  Day 1: November 2, 2021 Tuesday - Rumoi Today is my first day of work at Rumoi High School . I was asked to report to work before 8:15AM and since my house is only a few blocks away from the school I headed to work at around 7:40AM and got to school just on time .   Walking to school. It's the last few weeks of autumn. When the school bell chimed at exactly 8:15AM, everyone stood up and the Kouchou Sensei (Principal) greeted everyone and then bowed, we reciprocated with a greeting and a bow. The Kyoto Sensei (Vice Principal) then made some announcements in Japanese before calling me to the front and asking me to give my jiko shokai (self-introduction).  Rumoi High School After my jiko shokai and the

Japan Diaries 4: Off to Rumoi City

Day 0: November 1, 2021 Monday - Off to Rumoi City Finally! My 14-day quarantine is officially over. Today also marks my "release" from room 1350 of Keio Plaza Hotel . It only means one thing... I'm finally flying to Hokkaido.  Farewell Room 1350 of Keio Plaza Hotel . Time to go! With fellow Filipino ALT Abhie of Wakkanai, Hokkaido Since there were numerous Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) departing to different prefectures today we were given a check-out assembly schedule to avoid crowding. The Hokkaido-bound ALTs were asked to gather at the 3F GRACE South Tower by 8:30AM.  Rode the bus to Haneda Airport Arrived at Haneda Airport Inside Haneda Airport There's our plane I'm a proud Filipino! Team HokkaIDOLS Off to New Chitose Airport - Good bye Tokyo! After everyone's accounted for, we were ushered to an airport bus that brought us to Haneda Airport . We reached the airport by 9:20AM and spent a few hours waiting for our flight. We boarded flight NH820 for

Japan Diaries 4: Quarantine Week 2

Quarantine Week 2: October 25 - 31, 2021   It's the final week of my 14-day quarantine here in Japan . So far, my 7-day stay here in Keio Plaza Hotel in Shibuya City, Tokyo Prefecture was busy but fun. I have never imagined staying in a high-class hotel in Japan   this long for FREE . It's really one for the books. Here's how my last week went.  Day 8: October 25, 2021 Monday Attended the British Council Online Seminar Session 3 (10:45-11:45AM) Topic: Teaching in Senior High School Temp check @34F 12:30-1PM I accomplished the 6th day of the 2021 Post-Arrival Orientation tasks. The topic for the day is: Day 6 ALT Orientation topics Here's my food for the day: Day 8 quarantine meal Day 9: October 26, 2021 Tuesday Temp check @34F 12:30-1PM I accomplished the 7th day of the 2021 Post-Arrival Orientation tasks. The topic for the day is: Day 7 ALT Orientation topics Here's my food for the day: Day 9 quarantine meal Day 10:  October 27, 2021 Wednesday Temp check @34F 12:3

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