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Boso Boso Church - Rizal

Located in Sitio Old Bosoboso, Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City in the province of Rizal, Boso Boso Church  also called  Bosoboso Church is one of the beautiful Spanish-colonial era churches built in the province. It is also one of the oldest.  Boso Boso Church Boso Boso Church details Formally called Nuestra Senora de la Annunciata Parish Church , Boso Boso Church was originally built by Franciscan missionaries as a mission church in 1669. The church served as a sanctuary and conversion site for the Dumagat people who lived in the mountains of modern-day Rizal.  Boso Boso Church - Antipolo City, Rizal Nuestra Senora de la Annunciata Parish Church /   Boso Boso Church The gate of Boso Boso Church In 1741, the Jesuits took over the management of the church until t hey were expelled from the Philippines in 1768 and control of Bosoboso Church was turned over to the secular priests. St. Camillus de Lellis Boso Boso Church Porta Sancta Boso Boso Church NHI Marker Come, join me. Let

Sri Krishnan Temple - Singapore

Located at 152 Waterloo Street in Singapore, Sri Krishnan Temple is one of the country's oldest Hindu temples. Sri Krishnan Temple Sri Krishnan Temple details Sri Krishnan Temple was established in 1870 when a rich devotee named Hanuman Beem Singh set up a statue of Krishna under a banyan tree on Waterloo Street. This was done to cater to the growing Hindu migrant community living at Victoria and Albert Streets in the mid-19th century.  Sri Krishnan Temple - Singapore Several images of Hindu deities can be seen in Sri Krishnan Temple 's facade Sri Krishnan Temple 's Address Little is known about Hanuman Beem Singh but it was believed that he was exiled to Singapore by the British administration in India. Beem Singh would eventually pass the responsibility of managing the temple to his son. Through time, the management of Sri Krishnan Temple would be passed on to the next generation who had the same vision as Hanuman Beem Singh. With this, the temple continued to gro

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