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Food trip: Teppanya (Evia)

Here we are once again, it's another food trip adventure. This time we visit Teppanya in Evia Lifestyle Center in Daanghari, Las Pinas City. Teppanya (Evia) Teppanya Details Teppanya brands itself as the "House of Teppanyaki". This restaurant prides itself on its wide variety of authentic modern Japanese cuisine.  Teppanya (Evia) - Las Pinas City Having visited Japan numerous times and falling in love with its culture, particularly its food, made me once in a while crave whenever I see posts about Japanese food in my social media apps. Hence, while waiting for my next trip to Japan, I'm always in constant search for restaurants that serve authentic Japanese cuisines here in the Philippines .   Teppanya : The House of Teppanyaki Welcome to Teppanya (Evia) Team Nicerio tries out Teppanya Inside Teppanya Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants like that in my area. For today, the highlight of my food trip is Teppanya in Evia Lifestyle Center. I got to eat in Teppa

My Birthday Travel Wishlist - Philippines Edition

First Published: March 31, 2014 This year I came up with a list that's really special for me. Since it's my birthday, I'll be posting my wishlist of the 15 best places in the Philippines that I'd like to visit.* *NOTE: I didn't include in this list the famous/ beautiful tourist destinations that I have already visited.  15. Chocolate Hills, Bohol - One of the most famous landmarks of the Philippines. The Chocolate Hills is one of those places that is always featured in a tourism brochure. That is also the main reason why I like to visit this place. 14. Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro -Known for its stretch of fine white sand beaches and close proximity to Manila, Puerto Galera is one of those places that I know I could visit but I just couldn't find time to do so. 13. Hundred Islands, Pangasinan - One of the most picturesque places in the Philippines, Hundred Islands is an island hopper's paradise. I like to visit this place but I'm ju

Philippine Provinces Without Travel Requirements 2021

Philippine Provinces Without Travel Requirements 2021 Due to COVID 19, the Philippine government ceased leisure travel around the Philippines not only for foreigners but also for local tourists. Although some restrictions were eventually lifted, traveling to different provinces still is a challenge due to the numerous paperwork and certificates that one has to present at the borders of different provinces. However, there is good news... Last February 26, 2021, the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), approved the uniform travel protocols for all local government units (LGUs). With this new protocol, travelers are no longer required to undergo COVID-19 testing except if the LGU of the destination will still make testing a requirement prior to travel. Aside from that, travelers will no longer  undergo quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms upon arrival at the LGU of destination. Authorities will continue to strictly implement the minimum public health standards, such as physical distancing,


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