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Pasay City: Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Church

Located in 2130 F.B. Harrison Street Pasay City, Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Church is a religious structure with a modern design. If you would notice, most of the churches that I feature in my Visita Iglesia articles are century-old churches. To date, I have featured only two modern day churches - Nature's Church and St. Therese of the Child Jesus . I blogged those churches because of their unique struc tural designs. (You can click on the links to check them out.) Church altar Beautiful stained glass windows That is not the case for this church. Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Church has but a humble typical modern-day structural design. It doesn't have a majestic looking facade, a towering bell tower, and an ornately designed retabolo . So what makes the church stand out? The Belltower For the history buffs, the answer to that question is but an FYI trivia. For 8/10 Filipinos however, this church never existed. (not up until now that they have read this arti

Foodtrip: Buffet 101 International Cuisine (MOA)

Located at SM by the Bay area of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Buffet 101 International Cuisine (MOA) is an eat-all-you-can restaurant that offers a variety of Asian and Western cuisines.  SM Mall of Asia is home to numerous buffet restaurants, some of which I have tried and blogged already. What's good about having several of these eat-all-you-can restaurants in one area is the stiff competition. Each of these restaurants has their own unique way of telling the potential customers "Hey dine here, 'cause we're the best!" Since I have individual blog articles for the other buffet restaurants in the area, the spotlight for today is focused only on Buffet 101. Facade of Buffet 101 Found in the far-end corner of SM by the Bay area near the Ferris Wheel, Buffet 101 has the privilege of having extra parking lots compared to the restaurants located in the midsection of SM by the Bay.  There is nothing unique nor outstanding with the facade of Buffet 101.

Las Piñas, Pasay, Manila Visita Iglesia Adventure

If you're a Catholic and you're living in Manila, probably the first thing you'd do is to head to the beaches this Holy Week. To most of us, especially the working class, the Holy Week is almost synonymous to summer vacation. However, to some it's a chance to visit Christ and show devotion to Him through Visita Iglesia . (and that's what I plan to do!) So join me and my family as we go around Manila and the neighboring cities of Las Piñas and Pasay to visit some of their historical churches. Since I live in the province of Cavite, I had to carefully plan the route that we'd take to maximize the number of churches that we could visit in a day. We originally planned to visit only the ones in Manila but I pointed out that since our route to Manila would pass by some old churches in nearby cities, we might as well visit them.   Las Piñas Church From our home, the first city that we'd pass is Las Piñas. The city is known for Asia's oldest

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