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Food Trip: Vikings SM City BF

UPDATED 2020 The so-called " fiesta spirit " really does make buffet or eat-all-you-can restaurants popular among Filipinos. Fiesta, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is an age-old tradition in the Philippines and other countries whereas a way of thanking God for the bountiful harvest, townspeople prepare generous meals for everyone to partake. Sadly, today, fiestas are not what it used to be. Urban areas do not or rarely celebrate it while rural areas celebrate it but has already evolved and became highly commercialized. Vikings SM City BF Vikings SM City BF Details For those looking for the so-called  fiesta spirit,  the closest one can get are through buffet restaurants. That is why for our food trip today we are heading to one of the famous buffet restaurants in the country. Join me as we check out  Vikings SM City BF in Paranaque City, Metro Manila . Vikings SM City BF - Paranaque City Even the lighting makes you feel that you're in a forest Located o

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