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20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta: Cultural Adventure

February might be famously known as "Heart's Month" but it is also the month that we could enjoy the biggest aviation sports event in the country. Celebrated in Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Pampanga every second week of February, the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is famously known as the fiesta for everything that flies.

This year's four-day event was held from February 11-14. It showcased a number of aerial exhibitions and ground events which was flocked by thousands of local and foreign tourists alike. 

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta started in 1994, three years after the devastating eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. It's main aim is to help jump start the economy and morale of the people residing in the lands destroyed by the catastrophe. 
The festival was going well on the first few years after its launch. However, due to financial difficulties, it was cancelled in 1999 but quickly recovered and resumed a year after. To dat…

Hiking Mt. Pinatubo

Our mountaineering adventure today takes us to one of the most famous (and destructive) volcanoes in the Philippines -Mt. Pinatubo. Located in the provinces of Tarlac, Pampanga, and Zambales, Mt. Pinatubo is actually a volcano that once stood at about 1,745 meters above sea level. However, its powerful 1991 eruption reduced it to almost half its size. In now stands 960 meters above sea level.

Speaking of Mt. Pinatubo's historical 1991 eruption, Here are some trivia about it.

Prior to the 1991 eruption, the last recorded eruption of the volcano happened some 500+ years ago.Ash from the eruption is said to have reached as far north as Russia.Ash from the eruption damaged several airborne planes.Ash from the eruption also caused massive casualties and damages to the nearby provinces when it got mixed with rain from the monsoon season. This deadly mixture is known as lahar.Speaking of lahar, it buried several towns around the volcano. It is said that the lahar caused more damage than th…

Pampanga: Clearwater Resort and Country Club

Located in Angeles City in the province of Pampanga, Clearwater Resort and Country Club is a place that provides a spacious venue great for team-building and outdoor activities.
Built in 2003, Clearwater Resort and Country Club offer a peaceful haven away from the polluted and stressful line in the Metro. What's nice about the resort is that despite it being an exclusive resort, non-members could still enjoy its amenities.
Speaking of amenities, the resort has a 13-hectare picnic/camping grounds ideal for any outdoor activity. The resort also has a man-made lake for kayaking and fishing. If you love swimming on the beach, believe it or not, despite being situated several miles from the nearest beach, Clearwater Resort and Country Club has it's own "beach-pool" complete with white sand. If you prefer sports, then try out basketball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Clearwater Resort also has a shooting range and a tennis lawn. But do you know what's the best thing to…


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