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Takimi Koji - Osaka

Found at the B1F of Umeda Sky Building located at 1-1-88 Oyodonaka Kita-ku, Osaka City in Osaka Prefecture, Takimi Koji is a dining district in the basement of Umeda Sky Building . Takimi Koji Takimi Koji details Are you looking for a food trip destination for your upcoming trip to Osaka City? Then this place might interest you.  Takimi Koji - Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Takimi Koji is a gourmet street hidden literally in the basement floor of one of Osaka's most famous structures - the famed Umeda Sky Building . It has a theme that recreates the vibes of the Taisho period (1910 -1920) in Osaka. Takimi Koji has been designed well that you would feel that you have time traveled in the past. You would surely appreciate the little details added by those who designed the place from the Taisho period advertisements to the lantern lights used in the streets.  Welcome to Osaka during the Taisho period As most of you know, Osaka is the place to experience the culture of dining. Locals

Umeda Sky Building - Osaka

Umeda Sky Building ( 梅田スカイビル ) is one of the city's skyscrapers, located at 1-1-88 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka City in Osaka Prefecture. It is also one of Osaka's most popular tourist spots. Umeda Sky Building Umeda Sky Building details Construction of the Umeda Sky Building began in February 1990 and was completed in March 1993. The building stands 173 meters with 40 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground. Umeda Sky Building as seen from Osaka Station Umeda Sky Building  ( 梅田スカイビル ) - Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Umeda Sky Building actually consists of two buildings, the Tower West (West Wing) and the Tower East (East Wing). The top floor is connected by a donut-shaped observation platform. Due to its unique shape and look, Umeda Sky Building has become a landmark of Umeda. The underpass from Osaka Station to Umeda Sky Building Arrived at Umeda Sky Building Underneath the Umeda Sky Building Going to the Kuchu Teien Observatory Elevator going up to the Kuchu Teien Obse

Japan Diaries 4: Day 74

Day 74: January 14, 2022 Friday - Kyoto x Osaka Yesterday, while I was watching the news I saw that there was so much snow in Kyoto. Although I now live in Hokkaido where snow is a common occurrence during winter, I was still fascinated with how much snow there was in the ancient capital of Japan . I have been to Kyoto twice during the winter season but I was not able to witness this much snow. Since I'm now vacationing in Osaka, I have had the chance to see with my own eyes what the scenery and the ancient temples would look like if they were covered in snow.  Here's my breakfast for the day. That's why the first thing that I did after waking up was to check my phone to see if it was still snowing in Kyoto. I also sent a message to my friend Gil who lives in the city to get the first info. After confirming what I wanted to hear, I immediately changed clothes and packed my travel bag.  Mr. Toshi dropped me off at Kumatori Station I transferred to a train from Osaka Station

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