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Japan Diaries 3: Day 1

Day 1(December 19,2019) Ohayou! This is it! It's officially our first full day in Japan. Our plan for today is simple, travel from Osaka to Kyoto and check-in our home for the week. After that, we'd explore and familiarize ourselves with the neighborhood.

However,  before anything else, we didn't miss the opportunity to feast on the complimentary buffet breakfast of Izumisano Center Hotel. The food was delicious and was an amazing day starter. After breakfast, our godfather, Mr. Toshi, and his daughter Ms. Sawa came to the hotel to welcome us to Japan. They didn't stay long though and after a brief catch-up chat, bade us safe travels. 

We checked out of Izumisano Center Hotel at around 10AM, walked to Izumisano Station, and boarded a train to Shin Imamiya Station. From there, we transferred to a train bound to Osaka Station then finally transferred to a train bound to Kyoto Station.  

Japan Diaries 3: Day 0

Introduction It was just last 2018 when we last visited Japan. In just a year, we're blessed to be given another opportunity to visit the Land of the Rising Sun again for the third time. 

For this visit, we'll be staying in Japan for only 7 days. Hence, this would be the shortest Japan Diaries series so far. However, unlike the first two series, this one became extra special as my parents and siblings would be part of it. This would also mark our first travel abroad as a family -something that I have long waited for in my 3 decades of life. So, please join me and my family as we recount the daily accounts of our trips and adventures in this awesome country that I call my second home - Japan
Day 0(Dec. 18, 2019)

This international family trip was actually planned a long time ago. However, due to a lot of factors, it keeps on being postponed to a later date. It was only after my mom's retirement that I seriously pushed for it to happen. Since there were 7 of us in the family a…


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