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Todaiji Revisited 2019 - Nara

Nara Park was not the only place we revisited in Nara City during our 2019 Japan trip. We also got to revisit one of Japan's most famous temples - Todaiji(東大寺).

Todaiji Temple History:
For those who are not familiar with Todaiji, this temple was constructed in 752 and was the head temple of all Buddhist temples of Japan. However, what makes this temple stand out among the rest is its massive size. Todaiji held the record as the world's largest wooden building even if its 1692 reconstruction was only two-thirds of its original size.

Aside from its massive size, Todaiji also houses a giant statue of Buddha also known as Daibutsu. This statue stands 15 meters tall and is one of Japan's largest Buddha statues.

When visiting the temple, don't miss out crawling through the Buddha Nostril or the hole at the base of one of the temple's pillars. It was named as such because it was said that the hole was as big as the Todaiji Daibutsu's nostrils. It is believed that those wh…

Nara Park Revisited 2019 - Nara

The last time we visited Nara Park (奈良公園) was on the 16th day of our 2014-2015 Japan trip. That was also our first time to see this world-famous park with our own eyes.

For those who are not familiar with Nara Park, it is home to hundreds of free-roaming Sika deer. This 502-hectare  park also includes the grounds of temples and shrines which are popular tourist destinations themselves like Todaiji, Kohfukuji, and Kasuga Shrine (some of which we also visited). 
Photos in the vast Nara Park:

Nara Park is located at the foot of Mount Wakakusa. It was established in 1880, making it one of the oldest parks in Japan. Aside from that, Nara Park is also designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Science and Technology (MEXT) as one one of Japan's "Places of Scenic Beauty". The hundreds of free-roaming wild Sika deer, on the other hand, are classified by MEXT as Natural Treasures. Nara Park Admission FeeSurprise, surprise! Nara Park is free to explore. However, if …


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