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Mt. Province Adventure: Sagada

Our adventure today takes us 395.7 kilometers north of Manila to the municipality of Sagada in the province of Mt. Province. Sagada Sagada History Literally located in the mountainous Mt. Province, Sagada is known for the unique tradition of placing the bodies of the respected deceased elders in coffins that are hanged at the sides of the cliffs. Aside from that, it is also a famous destination for the brokenhearted because of the popularity and connection brought by the film " That Thing Called Tadhana ". However, before we talk about the present fame enjoyed by Sagada , it is better to know first its colorful past.  Team Nicerio visits the Hanging Coffins of  Sagada Legend has it that Sagada was founded by a man from eastern Abra named Biag . His family was forced out of Abra by headhunters that raided their village. They resettled in Candon but left when the Spaniards enforced baptism and the system of giving names to the natives. During their "exodus&q

Top 10 Things to Do in Sagada

Deep in Mountain Province lies the province's most famous town - Sagada . Recently, there is a boom in tourist arrivals to the town after it was featured in a hit romantic comedy movie about moving on from a heartbreak. Top 10 Things to Do in Sagada If you're one of those brokenhearted individuals who want to forget about your ex or simply an adventurer looking for another place to explore, here's my...   Top 10 Things to Do in Sagada : 1. Buy some locally made woven products at Sagada Weaving . 2. Learn about Sagada's rich culture at Gandayan Museum . 3. Visit the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin , an Anglican Church, and listen to the local guides as they talk about its history. 4. Shout your lungs out at Echo Valley . 5. Make your own pot at  Sagada Pottery . 6. Try out the lemon pies of  Lemon Pie House . 7. Pick and eat oranges at the  Rock Farm Inn and Cafe . 8. Visit and learn about the local burial customs by listening to the local guides

Hanging Coffins of Sagada - Mt. Province

Located in the Echo Valley in the municipality of Sagada in Mt. Province, the Hanging Coffins of Sagada is a traditional Igorot funerary practice of "hanging" coffins together with the remains of respected elders by the sides of the cliffs and mountains of Sagada . Hanging Coffins of Sagada  The Culture Behind the Hanging Coffins of Sagada This sacred practice was said to have started thousands of years ago and is still being practiced to this day. Just to give you a backgrounder about this sacred custom, not everyone is given the chance to undergo this funerary practice. It is reserved only for the respected elders of the community. As part of the tradition, these elders prepare for their death by making their own coffin and choosing the part of the mountain where their coffins will be hanged or inserted. Hanging Coffins of Sagada - Sagada, Mountain Province Before going down Echo Valley, please be guided accordingly Can you see the hanging coffins? Then

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