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Published: Art in the North and Through the Lens

March is not only my birthday month, it seems to be my lucky month too. I'm happy to share that two of my articles were published in the March 2018 issue of TravelPlus Magazine.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you article 1 of 2, the Art in the North. It's an article that takes a new perspective about the northern provinces of the Philippines. It also tells you how these northern provinces can help you nurture the hidden artist in you.

Article 2 of 2, is all about my once in a lifetime interview with "The Master" Sonny Yabao titled Through the Lens. Here, he talks about his humble beginnings, his style, and what lies ahead. 

These articles might inspire you to become artists someday. Please do grab your copies of the March 2018 issue of TravelPlus Magazine in your nearest bookstores. 

Thanks a lot, guys!

Ifugao - Mt. Province - Benguet 2017 Tour

Long before the advent of social media, going to the inner municipalities of Ifugao, Mt. Province, and Benguet requires extensive research, patience, and luck. Today, one can easily visit these places simply by availing tour packages offered by different travel companies online. 

My wife and I took this opportunity to avail of the Sagada Tour Package of Travel Galore. For us, this tour package is a total blessing. Just to share... half a decade ago, we planned a do-it-yourself trip to Sagada. However, natural calamities like typhoons and landslides combined with personal reasons like our marriage and having a baby had put the said plan in the "pray-it-will-push-thru" bin.  Check out our stops in the map below:
What we find great about the tour package was the fact that despite being called a Sagada Tour Package, it is actually a tri-provincial tour. It is more of anIfugao - Mt. Province - Benguet Tour with just an emphasis to Sagada.

The tour package is a 3D/2N tour that include…

Sumaguing Cave - Mt. Province

Located in Sagada in the province of Mountain Province, Sumaguing Cave is one of the main highlights and most visited part of the tourism sector of the town.
Sumaguing Cave DetailsLocals would say that you have never truly "visited" Sagada if you have not seen two things. First, are the Hanging Coffins and the second is Sumaguing Cave.

Sumaguing Cave is just one of the more or less 60 caves around Sagada. Its popularity comes from the fact that it offers visitors adrenaline-filled activities or let's say adventures.

However, first things first, to visit the cave, one must enlist the services of a trained local guide (never try to go in the cave alone). The local guides are there to literally keep your ass safe and to also literally light up your way. The cave is open all year round with the exception of bad weather. The guides can start touring you in the cave as early as 4AM depending on the weather condition.


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