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Manila Adventure: Intramuros

Our adventure today takes us to one of Manila's historical districts where one can see remnants of the Spanish colonial era Philippines. Join me as we go aroundIntramuros to check out what it has to offer.
Intramuros HistoryThe name Intramuros came from the Latin prefixintra meaning inside and the Spanish word muros with means walls. Hence its other name Walled City. It is found at the mouth of the Pasig River and has very strategic importance for trade and defense. The land where Intramuros is now was once part of the tribal kingdom ruled by rajahs (native chieftains). 
It was sometime in 1570 when Spanish conquistadors arrived in what is now Manila after hearing that the area is rich in resources. Having superior weaponry and military tactics, the Spaniards then defeated and drove the natives out of their land. The leader of the Spaniards, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, then declared the area as the capital of the Spanish colony on June 24, 1571. A wall was built sometime in 1574 after …

Star City - Pasay City

UPDATE:Star City was razed by fire on the night of October 2, 2019. It still remains closed as of present.

Located less than five kilometers from Km 0 in Manila, Star Cityis an amusement park in the heart of a bustling city of Pasay.
Star City DetailsThe amusement park opened to the public in 1991. It began as a seasonal carnival which opens during the Christmas season. Throughout time the seasonal carnival evolved and became a "permanent resident" of the city that caters to kids and kids at heart. Star City was once open daily. 

Home to dozens of fun attractions and rides, Star City boasts its Giant Wheel Ferris Wheel. The Giant Wheel Ferris wheel is said to be the tallest of its kind in the Philippines. It has air-conditioned gondolas and each gondola is capable of carrying up to six people.

If you're planning to visit and enjoy all the rides inStar City, I highly suggest that you avoid weekends and holidays. Those days are considered as the "peak season" of the …


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