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Iligan City: Tinago Falls

One of the main tourist attractions of Iligan City, Tinago Falls  is known for its 240-foot water drop and its blue lagoon. The word Tinago is a Filipino term which means "to hide or be hidden." this is due to the fact that the falls is quite hidden in a deep ravine. To get there, you are required to trek the 500-step winding staircase. A not so attractive signboard would greet you. Going down the 500-step staircase 300 more steps to go! Upon reaching the base of the falls, you would be greeted by a beautiful blue-colored lagoon. Behind the falling waters of the falls is a small cave worth exploring. The beautiful Tinago Falls. Look at those tourists going to the base of the falls! During our visit to the falls, there were lots of tourists enjoying its beauty. Photo opportunity!!! Getting ready to get wet! Like most popular tourist destinations in the country, Tinago Falls has its own myth. Legend has it that there was once a Sult


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