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Splash Island - Laguna

Located at Southwoods Ecocentrum, Binan City in the province of Laguna, Splash Island is the largest leisure water park in the Philippines to date. 
Splash Island Details:Currently managed by Global Gutz Parks Philippines, Incorporated, Splash Island has been in operation now for more than a decade. Since then it has been one of the most famous summer destinations for those living at the south end of Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces.

Splash Island boasts several water-based attractions that are designed to give visitors a thrilling and memorable adventure. However, please keep in mind that each attraction is open only on a specific time so better check out the attractions and their schedules below:

Balsa River 8AM - 5PM = This is the only attraction that is open the whole day. Visitors can ride inflatables and lazily float around the park via this man-made river.

Water Wahoo 9AM - 12NN / 2PM - 5PM = This attraction is designed for kids. The shallow pool is made exciting by its w…

Santa Cruz Church - Laguna

Located along Pedro Guevarra Street in the poblacion of Santa Cruz in Laguna, Santa Cruz Churchis one of the many historical churches of the province.
Santa Cruz Church HistoryAlso known as theImmaculate Conception Parish Church, Santa Cruz  Church was constructed sometime in 1602. The church was formerly a part of the town of Lumban before being transferred to its present location due to the sanitary problems in its original location.

Due to the deteriorating conditions of Santa Cruz Church,  it was renovated sometime in 1850. The nave and convent were also built during this time while the five altars of the church were remodeled. Sadly, the church was destroyed by fire during the liberation of the Philippines from Japanese rule on January 28, 1945. It was later rebuilt in 1948 and has since been renovated and restored several times.

Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant - Laguna

Located at barangay Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna, Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurantis a rustic restaurant that offers visitors a memorable dining and lodging experience.
Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant HistorySulyap is a Filipino word that means "to take a peek or quick look". Like what its name suggests, Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurantoffers visitors to take a peek at how life was during the Spanish colonial era. For me, there are three "sulyap experiences" worth noting when visiting this place.

First, is the food, second is the lodging, and lastly are the museum displays. Yes! You read that right. Sulyap Gallery Cafe & Restaurant does not only offer dining and lodging experiences, but it also has a museum that one can tour around.

The Sulyap Museum is found near the restaurant. It occupies the ground floor of the former Southern Luzon Colleges. At first glance, the museum facade looks more like a haunted house than a museum b…


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