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Japan Diaries 3: Summary

Our third adventure in Japan might have been long over but its memories still linger. To summarize our adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun, here's the list (complete with links*) of places and events that we have visited and experienced : * Please click the links to read the articles. Day 0 - Arrival Day 1 - Osaka to Kyoto Day 2 - Exploring Kyoto 1 Day 3 - Exploring Nara Day 4 - Exploring Kyoto 2 Day 5 - Exploring Kyoto 3 Day 6 - Exploring Osaka Day 7 - Flight Home Tips Japan's 4G Sim Card VS 4G Pocket WIFI Others Japan's Awesome Manhole Covers A Guide to Collecting Eki Stamps Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Kyoto Station Higashi Honganji Nijo Castle Tenryuji Arashiyama Bamboo Grove Kimono Forest Yasaka Jinja Shrine Maruyama Park Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks Kodaiji Higashiyama Healing Buddhist Statues Ryozen Kannon Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka Preserved Districts Kyoto Tower Pokemon Center Kyoto Kyoto Station Illumination Fushimi Inari Shrine Mt. Inari Tofukuji He

Japan Diaries 3: Day 6

Day 6 December 24, 2019 Good morning from Kyoto City! We made sure to clean before checking out of our residence. We had a nice time in Kyoto. Thanks, Condominium Kokotomaru Today is our last day here in the historic city of Kyoto. We'll be heading back to Osaka to explore the city and celebrate Christmas Eve with our Japanese godparents before finally checking in to our home for the night in Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku . One final picture of Condominium Kokotomaru before leaving Team Nicerio off to Osaka We started our day in Kokotomaru which was our Air BnB residence in Kyoto City for the past few days. We took the time to clean our rooms with respect to the kind owner(s). We also double-checked our luggage in preparation for its early transfer to our hotel.  Kyoto Station to Osaka Station Purchased our train ticket to Osaka Station Yup, that's right, we will send our luggage ahead so that we'll have a hassle-free city tour of Osaka today. However, we actually d


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