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Kobe Maritime Museum - Hyogo

Located at 2-2, Hatoba-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City in Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe Maritime Museum  ( 神戸海洋博物館 ) is a modern museum that is dedicated to the history of Kobe as a port city. Kobe Maritime Museum  ( 神戸海洋博物館 ) Kobe Maritime Museum History Kobe Maritime Museum opened in 1987 in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the Port of Kobe. The museum houses various exhibits of maritime vessels from different places and different timelines. The most famous of which is the scale model of the British warship Rodney which is found at the entrance hall of the museum. This display is symbolic as the HMS Rodney was the flagship of the first foreign flotilla that entered Kobe Harbor after its reopening on January 1, 1868. Kobe Maritime Museum (神戸海洋博物館) - Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture The most popular display in the museum...   ... is the scale model of the British warship, HMS Rodney ... Built in1833, she was the last unarmored warship in full commission during her time  K

Japan Diaries 2: Day 21

Day 21 June 6, 2018 Kobe Day Trip This is it! Our last full day in Japan . The rainy weather today perfectly symbolizes what we feel... We were cold and gloomy aside from that we were crying inside as we still wanted to stay longer with our Japanese family. Breakfast at Aloha Mai Cafe ご注文はお決まりですか? Here's my order. Mr. Toshi uplifted our spirits by inviting us to his favorite cafe to have breakfast. Just a few minutes' drive away was Aloha Mai Cafe , a Hawaiian inspired cafe which serves (in my opinion) the best coffee in Osaka.  I tried out the coconut caramel crunch coffee and true enough it has an outstanding superb task.  Aloha Mai is owned and run by a single guy who fell in love with Hawaii. He is quite talented in playing Hawaiian inspired music using his koto-like musical instrument. He even gave us a little demonstration which made our breakfast even more memorable.  The first destination for this rainy trip is Kobe Maritime Museum Walking

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