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Hiking Mt. Kinka

Located at the heart of Gifu Prefecture, Mt. Kinka ( 金華山 ) , also called Kinkazan is famously known as the mountain where Gifu Castle stands.  Mt. Kinka  ( 金華山 ) Mt. Kinka Details Formerly called Mt. Inaba , Mount Kinka has a height of 1079 feet or 329 meters. Centuries ago, the mountain and its surrounding forests were protected as it served as a hunting ground for the Owari Clan who ruled the lands then. Today, the forest is already designated as a National Forest and is home to about 80 types of birds and 700 types of plants. Mt. Kinka - Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture Mt Kinka as seen from my room in Juhachiro (ryokan) A write up about Mt. Kinka won't be complete without including the castle at its peak. Originally called Inabayama Castle , the structure was built by the Nikaido Clan sometime between 1201 to 1204. It was captured by Oda Nobunaga in 1567 and was renamed Gifu Castle , likewise the mountain was also renamed Kinkazan or Mt. Kinka .  Throughout history, t

Japan Diaries 2: Day 18

Day 18 June 3, 2018 It's a beautiful day here in Gifu City. We are on our last leg of our Gifu-Nagano Road trip. As usual, I decided to wake up very early to take a dip at our hotel's onsen. By this time, I could proudly say that I have unlocked several achievements... First of all is the " Nude Man Walking " which means I have lost the sense of shame, walking naked around other men, and the " Grandslam Boiled Eggs " which means I have boiled my you-know-what in an onsen for three straight days already.  I almost went inside because this was the men's onsen area last night... thank goodness I saw the "Ladies" in the middle curtain Breakfast time! He might be old but his talent in making pancakes is matched only by a few My daughter enjoying her meal Achievements aside, after my dip I went to meet my family at the dining area for breakfast. The buffet breakfast was amazing. There were so many dishes to choose from. I particu


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