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Visita Iglesia Cavite Loop

Visita Iglesia is a Catholic tradition of visiting churches during Holy Week. It is one of the traditions followed by my family that I cherish the most because it gives our family a chance to reunite and go on road trips together. 
2018 Visita Iglesia: Cavite LoopFor our 2018 Visita Iglesia, my family and I decided to follow what is dubbed as the Cavite Loop. This refers to the route around the towns in the province of Cavite where Spanish Colonial Era churches are located. 

Since we live somewhere in Bacoor City, our first destination is, of course, our very own St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church which is simply referred to asBacoor Church. Despite living in the same municipality, I have to admit that this was only my third time to visit Bacoor Church. The reason behind it is simple, we have our own parish in our subdivision, and Bacoor Church is quite far from where I live. Anyway, what I like about this church is its interior as it still retains that Spanish-era feels that you&#…

Hiking Mt. Buntis

Our adventurous feet takes us to the historical town of Maragondon in the province of Cavite. Today, we'll be hiking a historical yet controversial mountain - Mt. Buntis.
Mt. Buntis Details:Mt. Buntis stands 280 meters above sea level (MASL). The name "buntis" is a Filipino word which means pregnant. To find out why it was named as such, I asked our guide who sadly seems to know nothing about it. Then I recalled that a few years back, I hiked another mountain near Mt. Buntis call Mt. Nagpatong. The name "nagpatong", by the way, means to lie on top of somebody...  I would love to share my own interpretation of how these mountains got their names but the story tends to be perverted in some way so I'd skip that part.

Going back, despite its "shortage in elevation", Mt. Buntis remains one of the well-known mountains in the Philippines. This is brought by the fact that it is always associated with Andres Bonifacio who is a very prominent figure in the Ph…


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