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San Juan Nepomuceno Church - Batangas

Located at Burgos Street in the town of San Juan in Batangas, San Juan Nepomuceno Church is a Spanish-colonial era church named after Saint John of Nepomuk who the Catholics refer to as the martyr of the confessional and patron saint of Czechoslovakia. 
San Juan Nepomuceno Church HistoryThe original church structure of San Juan Nepomuceno was constructed in 1843 in a town called San Juan de Bocboc which is presently called Barangay Pinagbayanan. The original church was built using light material like bamboo, nipa, and palm which were very abundant in the area.

In 1855, the church underwent its first major renovation when stones were used to replace its original materials. However, the church was destroyed by a strong flood in 1883. To avoid any similar incidents in the future, the church was transferred to its present site in 1894 under the supervision of Fr. Yoldi. 

The church slowly grew literally and figuratively. With the growing number of local parishioners, more funds and manpower …

Hiking Mt. Manabu

Our adventure today takes us to Sto. Tomas in the province of Batangas to hike one of the major peaks of the Mt. Malinpuyo range - Mt. Manabu

Mt. Manabu Details:The name Manabu came from the abbreviated word, "MAtaas NABUndok" which means tall mountain. However, according to our guide, the mountain once had no official name and was referred to by locals as "Paligawan" or a place where grazing cows get lost. The name Manabu was coined by hikers who first "discovered" the mountain as a new mountaineering destination and since then the name stuck. 

Mt. Manabu is famous for what I dub the "rosary trail" (you can check out the photo above to find out why) or the loop trail. This trail is relatively straight forward and is mostly covered by tree canopy. There are eight stations along the way. These stations serve as trail markers and some as rest areas. Here's what you'd see in each station:

Hiking Mt. Talamitam

Our mountaineering adventure today takes us back to Nasugbu in the province of Batangas. After conquering Mt. Batulao a few weeks back, we're back to the province to conquer its sister mountain - Mt. Talamitam.
Mt. Talamitam Details:According to our guide, Mt. Talamitam got its name from the talamitam trees that once grew at its slopes. Sadly,  these trees were cut down long ago leaving the mountain bald as it is today. Although there are plans to rehabilitate the peak, it still remains a plan to this day.

Mt. Talamitam stands 630 meters above sea level (MASL) and is considered as a minor climb. This made the mountain a favorite hiking destination of many, particularly beginners and weekend hikers. However, the mountain was closed for a few months in 2018 until early 2019 due to jurisdiction issues. It was reopened on Feb 2019 and in line with this was the closure of the jump-off point in Sitio Bayabasin in Barangay Aga AKA KM83. The new jumpoff point is now in Barangay Kayrilaw AKA…


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