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2019 Bicol Road Trip Summary

Missed some parts of our 2019 Bicol Road Trip ? Here's the summary of our 6-day 2019 Bicol Road Trip . Day 1  -  Off to Naga City Places worth checking out: Nagaland Hotel ________________________________________________ Day 2  -  Cam Sur - Albay Places worth checking out: Naga Metropolitan Cathedral Revisited 2019 Ocampo Deer Farm ________________________________________________ Day 3  -  Tour of Camalig Places worth checking out: Quintuinan Hills Hoyop Hoyopan Cave Solong Eco-Park ________________________________________________ Day 4  -  Exploring Sorsogon Places worth checking out: Barcelona Ruins Park Bulusan Lake Dancalan Beach ___ ____________________________________________ Day 5  -  Legazpi City x Daraga x Camalig  Places worth checking out: Albay Park and Wildlife Cagsawa Ruins Sumlang Lake  ________________________________________________ Day 6  -  Road Back Home

2019 Bicol Road Trip: Day 6

Day 6: May 26, 2019 Road Back Home After five days of exploring the Bicol Region , we've finally come to the part where we have to say goodbye to this wonderful region. My mom and I made those steps... Since we've already booked our bus tickets to Starmall in Alabang prior to our trip, we had plenty of time to do other things. For me and my parents, we spent the whole morning working on our hillside farm. My wife, on the other hand, finalized the things that we'd bring back home. As for my daughter, she spent her time playing running after chickens.  It's not that perfect yet but it would be cemented later on.  Enjoying the fruits before leaving... We're ready to go home! That afternoon we drove to Legazpi City to pick up our pre-ordered bus tickets at the Isarog Booking Office in Legazpi Bus Terminal in Tahao Road in Bitano, Legazpi City. While waiting for the bus at the pick-up point, my mom and I managed to squeeze in some time to attend mas

10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay

Planning to go souvenir shopping in Albay? Then this article might help you choose what to buy for your loved ones back home.  Take note though that prices written here might vary depending on where you choose to shop. In my case, many of the products here were from the souvenir shops near the Cagsawa Ruins .  10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay Anyway, here's my list of 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Albay . 1. Keychains. (10-50 pesos each/ sometimes offered in bundles) Keychains are one of the most common and cheapest souvenirs to buy in Albay, keychains are the go-to pasalubong /souvenir of those with plenty of families and friends. You may choose from the numerous sili (chili) and Mayon Volcano themed keychains. 2. Refrigerator Magnets. (50-100 pesos each/ sometimes offered in bundles) This is also one of the most common and cheapest souvenirs to buy in Albay. The prices of the ref magnets vary depending on size and quality. Expect a lot of Mayon Volcano and sili themed ref ma

Sumlang Lake - Albay

Located in Barangay Sumlang, Camalig in the province of Albay, Sumlang Lake is one of the newest tourist destinations of the town and is also known as one of the best places to view the majestic Mayon Volcano. Sumlang Lake History of Sumlang Lake Sumlang Lake presently receives more than a hundred visitors per day. However, it was not like this a few years ago. The 9-hectare lake was once a water-lily-covered lake with high coliform levels. As the locals would say, it once actually serves little purpose to the majority of the townspeople. Thankfully, through the Bayanihan spirit  of the locals, Sumlang Lake was given new life and now serves the barangay with a better (or let's say profitable) purpose.  Off to Sumlang Lake Check out this one-way road At least the parking is cheap... Smile! Don't forget to pay for the entrance fee- P20 pax Waiting for our tickets... Today, Sumlang Lake offers visitors several must-try activities like aqua bikin

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