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Willy's Rock - Aklan

Found in Station 1 of the four-kilometer-long white sand beach of Boracay Island in the province of Aklan, Willy's Rock is considered the most recognizable landmark in Boracay Island . Willy's Rock Willy's Rock Details  The oddly shaped rock formation got its name from the nearby Willy's Beach Club Hotel. Locals erected a shrine for the Blessed Virgin Mary atop one of the huge rocks. They also built a staircase to protect the "adventurous" tourists from the jagged edges of the formation. Willy's Rock - Boracay Island, Aklan A closer look at Willy's Rock Willy's Rock looks like a battleship from a distance Sunset view near Willy's Rock One adventurous tourist taking his chances The Shrine of the Blessed Mary Due to its popularity, Willy's Rock served as the symbol of the island. The rock formation could be seen in most of the souvenir pictures, shirts, and even the collectible Starbucks city tumblers. My

Aklan: Crocodile Island

Located on the other side of the famous white sands of Boracay Island in the province of Aklan, Crocodile Island is a small uninhabited island that from a distance looks like a sleeping crocodile. Crocodile Island Crocodile Island Details So what's unique about  Crocodile Island  aside from its distinctive shape? Nothing really, tourists are not actually supposed to set foot on this rocky island. They are only allowed to snorkel several meters away from the island. Crocodile Island - Aklan On our way to the uninhabited Crocodile Island Confirmed! No crocodiles here! The secret lies not on the shrubs or the sharp rocks of Crocodile Island but in the waters around it. Believe it or not, the waters around the island are one of the best places to snorkel or dive on Boracay Island. You'd see plenty of fishes around here. Some would even come near if you have bread crumbs with you. Going around Crocodile Island My 6-month preggy wife joins the fray No

Aklan Adventure: Boracay Island

Our adventure today takes us about 315 km southeast of kilometer 0 in Manila. Boracay Island is one of the major attractions of the province of Aklan. It is famous for its palm-fringed white sand beach that stretches for more than 3 km. It was recently named Best Island in the World by Travel + Leisure , an international magazine. There are only two things that you should know about Boracay Island. First, it's better to visit during the off-season months which is July until November because that is the time when airfare and lodging are cheapest. Second, Boracay Island's famous white sand beach is divided into three stations. Take note that Station 1 has the most expensive but beautiful resorts, Station 2 is nearest to all the restaurants, and Station 3 has less expensive hotels and lodging.  Be on the lookout for promos for cheaper fares! During our stay there, we preferred to rent a place in Station 2, in that way we are near both Station 1 and 3. 


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