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Miyagawa Morning Market - Gifu

Located along Miyagawa (River) in Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture, Miyagawa Morning Market is one of the two asaichi or morning markets found in the city. The other one is the Jinya-mae market in front of the Takayama Jinya.
Miyagawa Morning Market HistoryThe morning markets of Takayama is known for its plethora of products like local crafts, local snacks, and farm produce. Unlike the regular souvenir stores and markets, the products sold in the morning market are mostly crafted or grown by the people who sell them.

Takayama's morning market was said to have started during the Edo period when local silk farmers started to sell leaves of mulberry trees near Takayama Jinja. It, later on, evolved when the wives of these farmers called kakasa, started selling their fresh produce early every morning. 

These markets would eventually become a daily occurrence and eventually become part of Takayama's unique culture which continued until today. The morning market once was only concentrat…

Sanmachi Suji (Takayama Old Town) - Gifu

Located in the City of Takayama in Gifu Prefecture, Sanmachi Sujiis a historic district where one can experience the atmosphere and life in Takayama during the Edo Period. 
Sanmachi Suji / Takayama Old Town HistoryAlso called Takayama Old Town, Sanmachi Suji district has been designated as a Nationally Designated Important Historical Building Preservation Area. This means that all the structures in the district are traditional buildings, some of which are actually 400 years old. Presently, many of these traditional structures serve as merchant houses and shops where one can buy a plethora of unique local products while some of the old houses serve as restaurants, galleries, and museums. These are all found in the district's three streets namely Ichi-no-machi, Ni-no-machi, and San-machi. 

Aside from shops, restaurants, and galleries, there are also several traditional sake breweries in Sanmachi Suji district that are worth visiting. One can easily recognize these breweries because of…

Takayama City - Gifu

Located in the northern part of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama City (高山) is said to be in the heart of the Japanese Alps. It also currently has the largest geographic area of any municipality in Japan.
Takayama City HistoryTakayama City is also called Hida-Takayama in reference to the old Hida province and also to differentiate it from other places in Japan with the same name. The name Takayama means "tall mountain", probably in reference to the mountains that surround it. 

The history of the creation of Takayama started with its establishment in 1889. During that time, it was the most populous municipality in Gifu Prefecture. In 1936, the town merged with the town of Onada forming the city of Takayama. It continued to grow as it annexed the villages of Josue in 1943 and Ohachiga in 1985. Then on February 1, 2006, the towns of Kuguno and Kokufu and the villages of Asahi, Kiyomi, Miya, Nyukawa, Shokawa, Takane, and Kamitakara were merged into Takayama which made it the largest city …


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