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Cavite Adventure: Maragondon

Our adventure today takes us 54 kilometers southwest of Kilometer 0 in Manila. Join me as we visit the historic tour of Maragondon in the province of Cavite.

Maragondon HistoryThe town was originally founded in 1611 by Franciscan priests. However, the Fundacion Ecclesiastical was founded in 1690 when the Jesuits dedicated it to Our Lady of the Assumption. Its Fundacion Civil, on the other hand, was in 1727 when the original barrio separated from Silang during the administration of the Recollects.

Maragondon got its name from the Tagalog word madagundong or maugongwhich means "too much sound". The sound being referred here is actually from a river called Kay Albaran in Barrio Capantayan. However, since the river usually overflows, the town relocated to its present site. The townspeople then changed its name to Maruigundong in honor of the town's patron saint, Nuestra Senora Maria Asuncion. It was during the American period when its name was changed to its present name Marag…

Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park - Cavite

Located in the vicinity of Mt. Nagpatong in Maragondon in the province of Cavite, Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park marks the supposed place where Andres Bonifacio and his brothers Procopio were executed in 1897.

We learned from the previous post (Bonifacio Trial House) the story of the trail leading up to the last days of Andres Bonifacio. Since I did not fully elaborate his death, I think it is very relevant to talk about it now in relation to our featured destination.

After his brief trial by what I think is a kangaroo court, Bonifacio and his brother was sentenced to death. They were then brought to the vicinity of Mt. Nagpatong in Maragondon where their sentence was carried out. Years later during the time of the American occupation, the colonial government mounted a search for the remain of Bonifacio. Bones believed to be his were found on March 17, 1918. It was placed in an urn and was given to the National Library of the Philippines for safe keeping. Sadly, the bones …

Cavite: Santa Monica Church Belfry

Located in Magallanes Street in Cavite City in the province of Cavite, the Santa Monica Church Belfry is the sole surviving part of one of the numerous Spanish era churches in Cavite City.

Santa Monica Church which was under the Recollects was built sometime in the early years of the 17th century. It was the time when the port city was at the peak of its economic and religious success. As a matter of fact, there were as many as eight different churches from different religious orders in the city. 
There also came a time when the devotion to the Virgin Mary was at its highest. The port city was then dubbed "Tierra de Maria Santisima" or Land of the Most Holy Mary. The city would have been a great place to go on a pilgrimage or Visita Iglesia during the Holy Week because of the number of churches and their nearness to each other. However, the Second World War changed all that.
Sadly, none of the eight churches remained intact after the said war. After the clean up, only the belfr…

Laguna: Sanctuario de San Pablo Resort Spa

Located just beside the Pan-Philippine Highway in San Pablo City in the province of Laguna, Sanctuario de San Pablo Resort Spa is a not-so-hidden yet seldom visited resort/spa in the province.

I have passed by the resort several times during my road trips to the southern provinces of the country but I wasn't able to check it until recently. I was invited to join the Father and Son Camping in our school and we stayed in the resort/spa for the whole weekend. Lucky for me, I didn't need to shell out anything because I found out that it was really quite expensive to stay there even for a day. (Check out the rates in the lower portion of this article.)
The place is ideal for company team buildings or family reunions. It has a very spacious area that could fit more than a hundred guests. (There were 100+ of us when we had our Father and Son Camping activity.) Sanctuario de San Pablo Resort Spa has several pools, a kiddie playground and a huge lawn for outdoor activities. The resort al…


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