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Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

A country found in East Asia, Japan (日本) is a stratovolcanic archipelago composed of 6,852 islands. Also called Nippon or Nihon, Japan is a major economic power and is the world's third-largest economy.

The sun has always had a special place in Japanese culture. The ancient Chinese, seeing the sunrise over the islands to the east called them ji-pon (which translates to the source of the sun) Hence as time passed the name stuck and eventually became Japan. The country is categorized into four major islands; Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku.

Honshu(which translates to "Main Island" or "Main Province") is the largest and most populated island of Japan. Tokyo, the de facto capital of the country is located here.

Hokkaido(which means "Northern Sea Circuit") is the second-largest and northernmost island of Japan.

Kyushu(which means "Nine Provinces") is the third-largest island of Japan. It is also the most southwesterly of its four main islands.


Laguna: Lake Pandin

Located in the City of San Pablo in the province of Laguna, Lake Pandin is one half of the Twin Lakes and also one of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo.

Lake Pandin has a total surface area of 20.5 hectares and an average depth of 63 meters or 207 feet. The lake is separated from the nearby Lake Yambo by just a narrow strip of Land. Collectively known as the twin crater lakes, both can be found in Barangay San Lorenzo in San Pablo City.
Despite being smaller, Lake Pandin is deeper than Lake Yambo. It is also said that the waters of Lake Pandin is the most pristine of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo.

According to legends, the twin lakes were named after two ill-fated lovers of olden times. Pandin was a very beautiful woman who was cursed not to step on the earth. While Yambo, the passionate and eager suitor, would do anything for the love of Pandin. Sadly, because no one told Yambo about the curse, he made Pandin step on the earth. Immediately, the ground shook accompanied by heavy rains. Some sa…

Camarines Sur: San Francisco Church

Located in Naga City in the province of Camarines Sur, San Francisco Church is one of the many religious establishments in the city of Naga.

Constructed sometime in the 17th century, San Francisco Church ironically served a double sided purpose. The church served the religious needs of the people while its infirmary and basement served as an interrogation and torture room for Filipinos suspected of being part of the Filipino Revolution of 1896. It was in this church that many innocent Filipinos died in the hands of the Spaniards. 

The church was also used as a fortress by 500 Spaniards and Filipino loyalists during the attacks of the Filipino revolutionaries led by Elias Angeles and Feliz Plazo in September 1896. After several weeks under siege the Civil Governor of Camarines surrendered to the Filipinos. with his surrender, the province of Camarines was freed from colonial rule.

San Francisco Church was the second church that  we visited when we had our Bicol road Trip. however, the chu…

Food Trip: Bag of Beans (Tagaytay)

What do you think is the best way to fight the cold weather in Tagaytay? A hot soup, particularly the knee... A cuddle or a tight hug from someone you love... or perhaps an expensive fur jacket... All these would do, but I'm looking for a particular answer that would serve as my intro to this blog article. Anyway, the answer that I was looking for is... (drum roll please) coffee.

Located in Tagaytay City in the province of Cavite, Bag of Beans is a coffee shop and restaurant rolled into one. Although it doesn't have the Taal volcano factor used by many to lure customers, Bag of Beans has its own means of attracting people -it's aroma. Who wouldn't be drawn to a smell of freshly brewed coffee? Aside from that the place also has a very rustic feel which is mixed with a nature and provincial atmosphere.

Let me warn you though, Bag of Beans has gained so much popularity that it is visited by lots of tourists during weekends (especially during holidays.)  If you want to have …


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