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Cavite: Silang Church

According to local folklore, Silang Church miraculously appeared overnight in this quiet town of Silang. Researchers, on the other hand, believed otherwise. They said that the church was probably constructed through forced labor or polo y sevicio sometime in 1585.

The church is considered as one of the oldest in the province of Cavite. It is located in the municipality of Silang. The church is also known as the Our Lady of Candelaria Church.
One unique feature of the church is its multi-leveled wooden altar. The altars' beautifully carved wooden platform house the numerous carved images and statues of Jesus, Mary, and other countless Catholic saints.

Silang Catholic Church is one of the towns' popular tourist and pilgrimage destination.

When I visited the church during our family's annual Visita Iglesia, I was actually expecting a very quiet provincial-like atmosphere. However once I've entered the town proper, I was astonished to see how up and busy the townsfolk are…

Taal Basilica - Batangas

Standing 315 feet long and 148 feet high, Taal Basilica is the biggest church in the whole of Asia. It is located in the heritage town of Taal in Batangas. Also known as Basilica de San Martin de Tours it was named after their patron saint, St. Martin of Tours.
The church has been damaged over and over again by powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. the present church is actually the third church of Taal. The first one was destroyed in 1754 during the largest eruption of Taal Volcano. The ruins can still be seen in San Nicholas. The second church was erected further away from the volcano but was destroyed during the devastating earthquake of 1852. The present church was constructed in 1856 and was inaugurated in 1865.

Aside from its massive size, the church is also known for one other "large" object. The King of Bells is an enormous bell measuring 6.42 feet tall and 19 feet in circumference. Sadly, the 1942 earthquake damaged and silenced it to the present day. 

Batangas Adventure: Taal

Our adventure today takes us about 70 kilometers south of Km 0 in Manila. Taal is known as the Balisong and Barong Tagalog Capital of the Philippines. Aside from balisongs (butterfly knives) and barong tagalogs, Taal is also known as the home of Taal Basilica, the biggest church in Asia. 

The name taal means "indigenous" because of the Bornean settlers who established the first settlement in the area. It is said that their language was the origin of the Tagalog dialect. However during their time Taal was still called Bonbon.

Time and nature had not been that kind to Taal. Due to the eruption of Taal Volcano in 1754 the town was moved from the its original lake side settlement to its present location. Earthquakes and war also ravaged the town throughout time. Time and again, the untiring people of Taal rebuilt their town. Today, Taal is one of the few remaining heritage towns of the Philippines.

I have only visited Taal twice. First was during its first ever celebration of t…


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